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What is SurgiQuality?

SurgiQuality is a benefit your employer is offering to all employees, to maximize benefits at no additional cost. Take advantage of zero-deductible, zero out-of pocket options, when you use this platform.

When told you need surgery, you get access to a personalized concierge who helps you gather and upload your medical records and imaging. In a highly secure manner, the records are sent to qualified surgical specialists, for multiple opinions. After reviewing the records, surgeons report on their past experience with performing the procedure as well as price. Best of all, you pick your surgeon.

Feel free to contact any surgeon and choose your surgeon based on out of pocket costs and surgeon's experience.


What does the SurgiQuality Concierge do?

The SurgiQuality concierge is your assistant who will help you every step of the way. They will help you upload the medical records and imaging and present the opinion feedback from surgeons. When needed, they can assist with out of town travel arrangements and local care back at home.

The best way to contact them is through the SurgiQuality app on the messaging tab. You can also reach them at info@surgiquality.com or (301) 204 4410.

International patients can call us through WhatsApp at (301) 204 4410 or email us at info@surgiquality.com


I was told I need surgery, now what?

Gather the following medical records.

  1. Obtain the office visit note from the surgeon that recommends you have a surgical procedure.

  2. Obtain the CD that shows the imaging related to the condition you are suffering from.

  3. Obtain any laboratory studies you might have had that pertain to the surgery. If you are not sure, ask your SurgiQuality concierge to assist you.

Contact the SurgiQuality concierge team at info@surgiquality.com or call (301)204-4410. You will receive a faster response if you email.

International patients can call the SurgiQuality concierge team through WhatsApp at (301) 204 4410 or email us at info@surgiquality.com. You will receive a faster response if you email.

They will help guide you through the process.


How does the SurgiQuality Platform work?


I need help with creating my profile, who can I contact?

Contact SurgiQuality concierge at info@surgiquality.com or call (301) 204 4410. You will get a faster response if you use email.

International patients can call or text using WhatsApp (301) 204 4410 or email info@surgiquality.com. You will get a faster response if you use email.



What do I do with my medical records?

Gather your medical records.

  1. Contact the surgeon who saw you and obtain a copy of the consult that recommended surgery.

  2. Obtain a copy of all lab studies that were needed for the surgery recommendation.

  3. Obtain the CDs for any imaging studies you might have had. Typically this can be obtained from the radiology office where you had the test.

  4. The sooner you can gather the records, the sooner your surgery can be scheduled.

  5. The concierge will assist you with uploading the records


What happens after I submit all of my medical records?

The records are sent to surgical specialists through the SurgiConnect app. Expect a response back 7-14 days after submission.

Any surgeon can join by downloading the SurgiConnect app. It is free!


How are the surgeons rated?

Surgeons report their past experience with the procedure, such as how many cases they have performed, success rates and complication rates. The information requested is very specific to the procedure you are going to have. This data is compared to best available national data and star-graded.

You see the Opinions on the SurgiQuality app and are able to compare one with another.


How do I select a surgeon?

You pick your surgeon based on what is most important to you. Different patients have different priorities. For some it is cost, for others, it is the surgeon's past experience with performing the procedure and for others it is location.

You are also free to contact any surgeon that rendered an opinion.


Do you require proof of credentials by the surgeons?

When the surgeons signup on the SurgiConnect app, we ask for a copy of their board certificate, which we do verify against a national database.

You are also free to contact any surgeon that rendered an opinion.


If I have a question for the surgeon can I ask them?

Feel free to call the surgeon and ask. On the SurgiQuality app, under Opinions, click on the surgeon and the contact information should appear.


What if I want to use a surgeon that is not in the SurgiQuality system?

Simply ask that surgeon to join the network by downloading the SurgiConnect app. It takes 10 minutes and it is free!


What if I need to travel for my surgery?

In select situations, travel costs such as airfare and lodging for you and your companion are covered. Ask your SurgiQuality concierge, if this applies to you.

With travel, local providers perform postoperative care.